les nostres cerveses

nuestras cervezas / our beers

Raval IPA

E lúpulos unum

Gracia Amber Ale

Gluten Delenda Est

Gòtic Ale

Lúpulos bene in compania

Bogatell Blonde

In trigo veritas

Barcino Brewers

cervesa artesana
We are three friends that were tired of drinking the beer on offer in Barcelona.

Back in 2011 we started brewing up our own craft beer using a 5 gallon system on our rooftop patio right in the heart of the Gòtic neighbourhood.

At first we brewed just for ourselves and for some similarly minded friends that own bars and restaurants in the area. By keeping our focus on quality rather than quantity things have grown steadily for us and we have joined the grass roots Barcelona craft beer revolution.

We develop the beers that we want to drink and name them all after our favourite Barcelona neighbourhoods. We have a very hands on approach and like to get to know our customers personally, so please get in touch.

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